Building on the successful legal formation of our local presence in the United Arab Emirates, SELAH project management opens its doors to clients in the Middle East region and North Africa, a new boutique setup that enables clients to successfully start and complete their project demands in a customized approach uniquely developed for each project.
The U.A.E is the 30th largest economy in the world and the 2nd largest in the Middle East and North Africa, making it the leading hub for most successful business operations in the region. SELAH is launching the official operation out of our Dubai office to support the ever-emerging market, strategically located amongst the industry leaders in the heart of the UAE.
Relying heavily on our people’s reputation amongst industry connections to be the ones that always make it happen, SELAH’s Core Team will continue the promised journey under our own umbrella delivering projects that have the highest customer satisfaction rate.
Our Services will continue in what we do best “Project management” and far most all sub-consultancy and advisory tasks to projects in the construction industry;
Contracts and Claims
Scope and Design Management
Logistics and Scheduling
Value Proposition and Cost Estimations

In addition to what we do best, SELAH offers a variety of particular project related tasks to enhance what our clients have in hand, namely
• Customization for construction approaches
• Digital transformation
• Regional partnerships
• Lessons learned and problem-solving advisory
• Global best practice approaches, teaching from what worked best
• Enhancing transparency on projects
• Optimized reporting
SELAH’s commitment to the region will go far beyond by establishing a local presence in every country in the region to well serve our client demands in certain areas, our commitment is part of our 5-year growth plan to go over the current geographical coverage and follow our clients in new areas where we can continue to be the Trusted Management Partner.
 “We are very pleased to support the region in the launch of our Dubai office, which is a continuation of several years of planning and collaboration fostering best and new practices in the construction industry. We are keen to introduce a new face to the project management methodologies and encourage our clients to change their habits by guaranteeing better-optimized results on their projects.”